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S.K.I.P positive Parenting

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                                                                          Fathering the best job on the planet
                                                                             Children need their dad. Dads make kids read, sing, cuddle and have fun.

"Cool heads, warm hearts and loving hands make for safe, nurturing families"

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 Children's Day Photos 2014

Healthy Relationships Quiz

       Raising Children in NZ  

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Whakatipu is a kaupapa that encourages strong whānau

connections which nurture and develop tamariki.

Tikangs and pakiwaitara are interwoven with child development information, ideas and activities for whānau. Full of humour and heart,

 these new resources reinforce how tamariki and 

parents can learn together through play at every age and stage.

Check this page out for great parenting tips and


positive tips

Be warm and loving, give lots of praise. Say more positive things than negative things.

Talk with your children as much as you can and listen to what they say to you.

Be realistic about what they can and can't do, for example you can't expect a two year old to sit still for a long time.

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"CAREHOUSE" for your up to date S.K.I.P Pamphlets and tips on raising children in a positive way
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download pdf of six things children need

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The SKIP vision is that all children
will be raised in a positive way.
This involves parents loving and
nurturing their children, as well as setting
boundaries to guide and teach them.

SKIP is supporting parents to
bring up their children in a positive way, using love and nurture and limits and boundaries

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027 216 3194

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E iti noa ana, na te aroha
Though my gift be small, my love goes with it
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Young people are welcome and supported as volunteers at our programmes 07 862 6126

Exhibitions: Paeroa Kids Mural Art work and “Hugs”

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