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Kids Can Cook


at the "Carehouse"

Girls Cooking Wednesday 

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BOYS Cooking Monday 5.00 pm - 7.00 pm 

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Kids may like sweet drinks, but water and
milk are best for their growing bodies

Water is freely available on tap,
has no added sugar and is great for quenching your thirst

Milk is another great choice and it's good for building strong bones and teeth. It is also rich in nutrients

Keep a jug of cold water in the fridge
 Offer water at meal times for the whole family to share 

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Coming together to share a meal helps build strong family and whanau. Your whole family will benefit from spending time together, talking and sharing stories

When your children sit down to share home-cooked food with the family, they are more likely to eat healthier food. It's an opportunity to show your children good eating practices.

Set a time youll be eating together
and let the fam

ily know in advance

Plan ahead

Turn the TV off to keep focus on the family

Try to eat together most nights with
everyone who is home

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