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Supervised Contact Service

Welcome to the
Te Whare Manaaki

Court Approved: Paeroa Community Support Trust


Supervised Contact provides quality time for
children to build and maintain relationships with
family members from whom they are separated.

                      Whakahonohono - New Beginnings

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The Carehouse is on Willoughby Street Paeroa
(opposite Paeroa Domain)
07 862 9129

Supporting meaningful relationships for life

Supervised Contact is a service where  children spend time with the parent who does not have day-to-day   contact in a safe, controlled situation, overseen by someone (a relative or an organisation) who provides supervised contact services.
Arrangements for supervised contact are usually negotiated between the two parties, often with the help of lawyers, a social worker or other support people. It may also be a condition of a parenting order granted by the Court. The parent wanting contact usually  pays any charges. If supervised contact is ordered by the Court the Government could subsidise up to 14 sessions per family. See your lawyer for further information


 We provide:

Court Approved Service

Supervised Contact allows quality time for children to build and maintain  relationships with family members from whom they are  separated. Our qualified supervisors ensure that your time with your child/ren has positive outcomes for all participants, within the guidelines set by the New Zealand Association of Supervised Contact.

 Contact is facilitated in a safe, child focused, confidential setting with trained staff supervising. During a contact visit  children remain safe from physical, sexual or emotional abuse.  Supervised contact is necessary because:

 · Parents agree supervised contact is necessary

· There may never have been contact between a parent and a child before,or for a long time

· The Family Court may have made an order for Supervised Contact

· Children may be in the care of Child Youth & Family Services

Prior to contact visits a meeting will be organised and a contract will be drawn up  according to the needs of the family.

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The service operates according to the following principles :-

· The service is for the benefit of the child

· The safety and welfare of the child is of paramount consideration

· The service will honour the Treaty of  Waitangi

· The service is neutral and independent of the parties, the dispute or difficulties

· The service is sensitive to the cultural needs of the child and the family

Take care of our children,

Take care of what they hear

Take care of what they see,

Take care of what they feel

For how our children grow

so will the shape of Aotearoa

  “Dame Whina Cooper”

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The service is provided to all clients irrespective of ability, language or location. Children are to be treated with respect and dignity. The best interests of children are upheld as first place of right


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